In the archives of CannaFest history, 2017 marked an electrifying chapter with the unforgettable performance of the iconic Loverboy. Taking the stage with unparalleled energy, Loverboy unleashed a sonic explosion that reverberated through the festival grounds, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of every attendee.

With their anthems like “Working for the Weekend” and “Turn Me Loose,” Loverboy showcased why they are legendary figures in the rock pantheon. The crowd was transported back to the glory days of ’80s rock, as lead singer Mike Reno’s powerful vocals and the band’s infectious rhythm created an atmosphere of pure, unbridled euphoria.

CannaFest became a haven for classic rock enthusiasts as Loverboy’s set transcended time, bridging generations with a shared love for timeless melodies. Join us in celebrating the magic of Loverboy’s performance at CannaFest 2017 and stay tuned for more Rock Legend Spotlights as we honor the artists who have graced our stages. Rock on! 🎤🔥 #Loverboy #CannaFestRockLegend #80sRockRevival