Since 2015, CannaFest has been graced by the undeniable talent and infectious energy of Maddog 2020, a local treasure and fan favorite hailing from Grand Forks. This phenomenal cover band has become an integral part of the festival’s DNA, consistently delivering unforgettable performances that showcase their exceptional musical prowess and love for rock.

Maddog 2020’s setlists, a tapestry of classic and contemporary rock hits, have resonated with festival-goers, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and camaraderie. Their dedication to providing an incredible live experience has turned them into a staple of CannaFest, earning them a special place in the hearts of both local residents and festival enthusiasts.

As we shine the Rock Legend Spotlight on Maddog 2020, we celebrate not only their musical talent but also their contribution to the vibrant spirit of CannaFest. Join us in acknowledging this local gem that has transformed every festival since 2015 into a rock haven. Stay tuned for more Rock Legend Spotlights, honoring the diverse talents that make CannaFest an unmissable experience. Rock on! 🎤🎸 #Maddog2020 #CannaFestRockLegend #LocalRockHeroes