CannaFest reached unparalleled heights in 2019 as Vince Neil, the legendary voice of Mötley Crüe, seized the stage with a performance that etched its place in rock history. Neil’s electrifying presence and unmistakable vocals brought an intense energy that transformed the festival grounds into a sonic arena.

With a setlist featuring Mötley Crüe’s greatest hits, including the iconic “Home Sweet Home” and the rebellious anthem “Kickstart My Heart,” Neil had the crowd on their feet, living every moment of the rock and roll spectacle. His raw charisma and commanding stage persona created an unforgettable experience, solidifying his status as a true rock icon.

CannaFest 2019 became a celebration of the enduring spirit of rock as Vince Neil led the charge, uniting fans in a collective journey through the decadent era of glam metal. Join us in reliving the magic of Vince Neil’s performance and stay tuned for more Rock Legend Spotlights, celebrating the legends who have left an indelible mark on CannaFest. Rock on! 🎤🔥 #VinceNeil #CannaFestRockLegend #MötleyCrüeMagic