Our Goal - 450K

Ensure the festival's success! We've raised 58%
For the past decade, CannaFest has stood as an extraordinary music festival in Grand Forks, captivating audiences with its stellar performances and vibrant atmosphere. Unfortunately, after personally financing it for the last 10 years, I find myself unable to continue this financial commitment. To ensure the continuation of this beloved event, we now seek 300K in sponsorship or donations. Your support will play a crucial role in making Canada Rock Fest 2024 a reality and continuing the tradition of musical excellence in our community.

Exciting opportunities await potential sponsors for Canada Rock Fest 2024! As we gear up for another thrilling edition, we invite businesses to join us in supporting this iconic event. From exclusive branding opportunities to prominent logo placements, your sponsorship can elevate your brand’s visibility to thousands of enthusiastic attendees. Align your company with the energy and excitement of one of Canada’s premier rock festivals. Don’t miss the chance to be a vital part of Canada Rock Fest 2024’s success while gaining exposure and fostering a positive connection with the diverse audience that this extraordinary event attracts.

Sponsoring Canada Rock Fest offers businesses a unique opportunity to tap into a demographic of over 4000 primarily 50+ music enthusiasts. It provides unparalleled brand exposure, fostering connections with a passionate audience. Aligning with this iconic event enhances visibility, credibility, and access to a demographic with considerable purchasing power.