As I take the next few months to hopefully heal my lungs I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who have supported the festival over the years. The last 8 years have been absolutely amazing and I have met some incredible people.
I will keep my personal Facebook account updated as to my lung status, I have more tests and more specialists booked in the coming months.
I have been dealing with a severe fungal infection for the last 5 years and the medication I am on seems to have stopped working. Anybody who has unknown lung issues may want to push their doctors to check for fungus testing. It is an extremely difficult issue to treat and also very difficult to diagnose.

As soon as we have all requests in and our deposits back we will start issuing refunds back to the same card that you paid with, if you paid cash we will send you an e-transfer. Refunds will be processed sometime in March and we will update our Facebook group as needed.