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July 4 - 6, 2024

Grand Forks Music Festival 2024

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Celebrate our 9th anniversary by sponsoring our iconic Classic Rock Music Festival, drawing thousands of passionate fans ready to spend.

Align your brand with timeless tunes, connect with a lucrative audience, and elevate your presence.

Partner with us for an unforgettable experience and lasting impact in the world of classic rock.


Support our 9th-anniversary Classic Rock Festival with a cash investment to keep the music alive.

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Onsite licensed security personnel, easily identifiable in their uniforms, will be available. If you need assistance, feel free to ask.


Designated smoking zones are provided. Please be mindful of the applicable laws pertaining to your smoking activities. The minimum smoking age is 19.

Chuck Varabioff

Festival Owner

Darren Lulka

Rockstar Photographer

Our festival depends on our staff and volunteers

The Faces Behind Our Festival

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Meet The Artists

Some of our past performers

Over the past nine years, Canada Rock Fest has consistently delivered an electrifying lineup, featuring some of the most iconic and diverse musical talents.

The festival has been graced by legendary performers such as Gene Simmons, whose larger-than-life stage presence and undeniable charisma have left audiences in awe.

Bret Michaels brought his infectious energy and rock anthems to the stage, creating unforgettable moments for fans.

The festival also played host to the incomparable Burton Cummings, whose soulful voice and timeless hits captivated the crowd.

Randy Bachman, a true rock maestro, showcased his virtuosity, contributing to the festival’s reputation for musical excellence.

The Beach Boys brought a touch of classic California surf rock, harmonizing their way into the hearts of festival-goers.

Additionally, the modern rock sound was well-represented with Theory of a Deadman, adding a contemporary edge to the festival’s diverse musical landscape.

Canada Rock Fest has undeniably become a haven for music enthusiasts, blending the best of rock’s past and present in an annual celebration of sonic greatness.

Grand Forks Music Festival is your only choice and is the hottest ticket in town.

Where is the festival?

conveniently located in west grand forks.