Grand Forks Drive In Theatre Opening Date

Drive-in theatre Grand Forks

I have finally confirmed a date for opening the all new drive-in theatre in Grand Forks. After many hours of planning and waiting for license approvals I am pleased to say that Thursday July 16 will be the first day and the 17th and 18th will round out the first…

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Drive In Licensing

Grand Forks Drive In

I am very happy to say that on Monday June 15 we received our  BC consumer protection license and the city of Grand Forks temporary use permit that is valid for three years (with one renewal). This means that we will be operating our drive-in for the next six years,…

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Best Rock Band Bracket Prizes and Terms

Round ONE prizes… BRAGGING RIGHTS $50 grocery voucher $25 Grand Forks Cannabis gift card BCPS Hoodie CannaFest baseball cap In the event of a tie,  the tie breaker goes to the person who filled out their bracket first. All prizes must be accepted as awarded. To claim the Grand Forks…

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Canada Rock Fest Coronavirus Update

We have been monitoring Coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely, the safety of the fans and performers is extremely important to us. As of today, March 17, 2020 we are very confident that Canada Rock Fest 2020 in Grand Forks, will proceed as planned. We continue to monitor the situation and will…

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Can I Buy or Smoke Cannabis?

Non-medical cannabis is now legal in Canada however it’s still illegal to sell or purchase it at special events. The best option is to catch our FREE SHUTTLE to Grand Forks Cannabis and purchase one of the “Rock Fest Packs.” They’ll have a number of options ready for you to…

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What Happened To CannaFest?

Once cannabis was legalized in Canada our trademarked brand became illegal. We decided to re-brand into something that represented the entire festival. Canada Rock Fest is the result of our re-branding. CannaFest is still our brand and one day as laws change and advertising loosens up we may have a…

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What Happened To Titans Of Rock?

Titans Of Rock is a Gene Simmons trademarked company, unfortunately Titans will not launch in Grand Forks this August. CannaFest is Chucks trademarked name that he built the festival in Grand Forks with since 2015, unfortunately with the new cannabis regulations in Canada, that name became illegal on Oct 17…

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Why The Change of Venues?

For the last five years CannaFest Music Festival has been held in James Donaldson Park in Grand Forks. For 2020 we have a NEW NAME a NEW LOCATION and a new ALL STAR lineup. As the festival grows so do our needs, James Donaldson park has been an awesome venue,…

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