Titans Of Rock is a Gene Simmons project, Gene had contacted Chuck Varabioff about doing a mega music festival and taking it across Canada and eventually across the US.

As cool as this sounded, as plans unfolded Chuck quickly discovered it wasn’t what he imagined for his future and for his retirement and eventually the partnership ended. After the partnership with Gene Simmons ended Chuck formed Canada Rock Fest.

The festival originally started in Vancouver in 2014 and within a year moved to Grand Forks as CannaFest. CannaFest operated for five years, the festival scheduled for August 2020 was cancelled due to Covid.

Jump ahead to 2022 and the festival is back, bigger, better and appealing to a wider audience with the addition of some amazing 90’s Canadian rock bands.

If you’re looking for an amazing music festival look no further. Check out the lineup HERE and them purchase a couple tickets.

Google Grand Forks and you’ll agree that this will be one of the most amazing festivals of the summer.