Welcome to Grand Forks, where convenience and charm intersect seamlessly! Our Walk Score page highlights the accessibility of everyday necessities and entertainment options in this vibrant city. Stroll through the heart of downtown Grand Forks, where you’ll find a plethora of local shops, trendy boutiques, and cozy cafes, all within easy walking distance. 

Need groceries? No problem – local markets and supermarkets are conveniently scattered throughout the neighborhoods. Explore the diverse culinary scene with numerous restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, making dining out a delightful experience. Parks and recreational areas are also strategically placed, ensuring you can enjoy the outdoors without venturing too far. 

Grand Forks invites you to discover a pedestrian-friendly community that blends modern amenities with a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging you to explore the city on foot and savor the unique charm it has to offer.


Places To Eat

Tim Hortons > 0.8 km
McDonalds > 0.8 km
Sushi Ocean Dream > 0.9 km
A&W > 1.1 km
Station Pub > 1.1 km
Gilly’s (Chinese) > 1.5 km


Places To Stay

Grand Forks Inn > 0.4 km
Motel 99 > 0.9 km
Western Traveller > 1.3 km
Night Inn > 1.4 km
Luna Bed and Breakfast > 2.3 km
Granby River Inn and Suites > 2.7 km
Johnny's > 3.0 km
The Victorian Motel and RV Park > 4.2 km

Pubs & Bars

Places To Drink

Grand Forks Station Pub > 1.1 km
Liquor Store N More > 1.1 km
BC Liquor > 2.4 km
Grand Forks Beer Co. > 2.7 km
The Bar & Kitchen > 2.7 km
Clydes Pub > 2.8 km

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